Removing barriers to healthcare and wellness branding strategy.


This 27 year old organization required a new brand identity program. As part of the discovery session, we learned that a new name would be required to move the organization forward. We led the executive team to a new name that represents people at the center of care: Circare. The brand identity program was developed to amplify the notion of personal care and promote happiness as central motivation. The program included strategic deliverables that included a responsive, content managed website, detailed corporate branding and communication tools, consumer facing communications signage and presentation design.

The website has since become the primary point of communications to attract new employees, inform clients of services offered and strengthen partnerships in the healthcare community serving more than 1,000 new users each month.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Development
  • Presentation Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Environment Branding

Website Before

Responsive Website After

Site Icons

Site Architecture + Wireframes


The goal of the site architecure exercise was to provide a tangible scope for the delivery of the launch of the site to coincide with the launch of the rebrand efforts. Additionally, the site plan serves as a guide for the long-term evolution for the life of the website so that the development team can make provisions in the approach to coding and integrations to promote easier access to planned feature sets, functionality, and growth of the organization.

Brand Stationery

Brand Identity Guidelines

Powerpoint Presentation + Keynote Design

Advertising and Promotion

Environment Branding

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