76West BrandChart is our proprietary brand development and management process. BrandChart consists of 3 tools: BrandAudit, Compass and BrandPosition. These tools consider the current state of your brand, plan a course forward and identifies strategic opportunities for long-term business growth.


The BrandChart Suite:
  • Determines business goals
  • Identify & research competition
  • Analyzes customer satisfaction
  • Highlights growth opportunities
  • Develops a strategic brand platform

76West Pillars

The intersection of Strategy, Design, Communication shape a brand to form the Unique Brand Proposition. The symbiotic relationship these 3 pillars share is essential for bringing your brand to life and forming the building blocks for the evolution of your brand.

We apply these 3 essential pillars of branding to everything we do.

76West BrandChart Program

We place the corporate brand at the center of all business operations. 76West BrandChart includes 3 tools for exploring the current state of your brand and identifies strategic opportunities for long-term business growth.

A strong brand is critical for business success. When working with 76West, your insight and participation is an important component of the brand-building process. We work with our clients to understand their business goals, identify and research the competition, analyze customer satisfaction and determine growth opportunities.

Brand Audit

Our Brand Audit enables us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand platform, while exposing opportunities for innovation and growth. If your profits are falling or sales are not performing, this essential tool will help provide insights into your brand’s impact, performance in the marketplace and most importantly, why it’s not delivering.

Learn more about 76West Brand Audit here.

76West Compass


Compass is a collective exchange of ideas and thoughts in an open group session, conducted as a facilitated discussion with your company’s leadership. It measures and guides processes, while identifying future needs and opportunities. We can conduct a Compass Session in two modalities: in-person, or online for remote and distributed teams.

Learn more about 76West Compass™ here.

BrandGPS® is the bespoke strategic brand program developed by 76West


76West’s exclusive brand development and management tool is BrandGPS®. This bespoke 3-phase process systematically realizes the creation of the Unique Brand Proposition (UBP) for your organization. The UBP becomes the foundation for identifying untapped growth potential and developing compelling communication strategies designed to increase value and promote long-term market share.

Learn more about BrandPosition here.