76West BrandChart is our proprietary brand development and management process. It is designed to evolve your organization through a long-term retainer engagement. BrandChart consists of 3 tools: BrandAudit, Compass and BrandPosition. These tools consider the current state of your brand, plan a course forward and identify strategic opportunities for the growth of your business.

A Balanced Approach

The intersection of Strategy, Design, Communication shape a brand to form the Unique Brand Proposition. The symbiotic relationship these 3 pillars share is essential for bringing your brand to life and forming the building blocks for the evolution of your brand.

We apply these 3 essential pillars of branding to everything we do.

76West Pillars


Your Brand is Your Business. Make it Work Harder.

76West BrandChart puts your brand at the center of your business, driving long-term growth. Our proven process dives deep into your brand's current state, uncovering opportunities that may be hidden in plain view.  Why does this matter? A strong brand isn't a luxury, it's essential. We collaborate with you to understand your goals, analyze competitors, and measure customer satisfaction. This deep dive unlocks strategic growth strategies tailored specifically for your business.

Brand Audit

Our Brand Audit enables us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand platform, while exposing opportunities for innovation and growth. If your profits are falling or sales are not performing, this essential tool will help provide insights into your brand’s impact, performance in the marketplace and most importantly, why it’s not delivering.

This is often the first step in any engagement to allow everyone — our team and yours— to have a full understanding of the current state of a company and to being to identify a path forward.

Learn more about 76West Brand Audit here.

76West Compass


Compass is a collective exchange of ideas and thoughts in an open group session, conducted as a facilitated discussion with your company’s leadership. It measures and guides processes, while identifying future needs and opportunities. We can conduct a Compass Session in two modalities: in-person, or online for remote and distributed teams.

Learn more about 76West Compass™ here.

BrandGPS® is the bespoke strategic brand program developed by 76West


Unlock Your Brand's Hidden Potential with BrandPosition BrandPosition is a bespoke 3-step roadmap to crafting a powerful Unique Brand Proposition (UBP). This UBP isn't just a fancy term - it's the heart of your brand, what makes you irresistible to your ideal customer. Here's how it works:

  • We uncover your brand's hidden strengths: We go beyond the surface to identify what truly sets you apart.
  • Craft your UBP: We translate those strengths into a clear, concise message that resonates with your target audience.
  • Unlock growth potential: Your UBP becomes the foundation for powerful communication strategies, designed to maximize value and dominate your market share.

BrandPosition isn't just about creating a brand, it's about creating a brand that wins.

Learn more about BrandPosition here.

How Do We Get Started?


We Engage

We work with your company, organization or department in an initial 6 month minimum time-frame.


We Learn

We understand where you've been and more importantly where you want to go.


We Create

We work with you to build a framework and identify the stages for an on-going collaboration to manage your brand.