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76West Offers 3 Tools For Strategic Brand Development. Compare the differences below.

Brand Audit

A thoughtful review of how an organization represents their core values, mission, message and identity through their existing marketing materials and communication strategies.


Companies that need to review and assess how their brand’s materials are currently conveyed to their customers and workforce.


  • Comprehensive review of company-wide brand communications platform in digital and analog applications
  • Reviews the 4 components of a companies marketing materials: Brand Voice, Digital, Print and Social Media
  • Visual brand program review
  • Identifies strategic opportunities
  • Allows for strategic suggestions by 76West to ensure maximum effectiveness and success for your marketing strategies
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A facilitated exchange of ideas in a group session. Compass can be conducted in-person, or via our digital implementation with your company’s leadership, stakeholders and customers.


Companies that need alignment in advance of debuting new initiatives or considering a new brand direction or to help clarify an inflection point in the arc of your organizations growth.


  • Forms team alignment
  • Identifies common goals and desired outcomes
  • Defines the foundation for next steps and a strategic path forward
  • Examines existing and new target audiences
  • Refines communications and create an outline for your brand story
  • Exposes additional opportunities to build visibility for your initiatives
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Brand Position

Our exclusive brand development and management tool. The bespoke 3-phase process systematically realizes the creation of the Unique Brand Proposition for your organization.


Companies, organizations or business units that are looking to build a new brand or overhaul an existing one from top to bottom with the purpose of achieving a long-term strategy.


  • Analyzes the category that your company operates in
  • Analyzes and evaluates all aspects of your brand’s identity
  • Assesses your company’s performance profile and evaluates performance claims
  • Explores vision, purpose and desirability of your brand
  • Identifies untapped growth potential
  • Develops outstanding and compelling communication strategies
  • Increases value and promotes long-term market share
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BrandChart is how 76West solves modern brand communications. These tools are part of our approach to helping business succeed.

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