Brand Audit

The way your organization represents itself is one of the most critical aspects of your brand. The materials you use convey your core values, mission, message and identity not only to your customer, but also to your workforce. Brand Voice, Digital, Print and Social Media components should project strength and instill confidence to your audience. The 76West Brand Audit is the way to accomplish this.

76West Brand Audit:

A through review of the entire state of your brand communications platform. The Brand Audit will:

1. Expose current state of brand
2. Review external and internal messaging, tools and methods
3. Review brand program
4. Determine opportunities
5. Identify future goal states

We review how your company is represented through its brand presentation, marketing materials, outlets and visual presentation. With this information we develop an appropriate strategy to ensure effectiveness & long-term success.


Brand Voice

Communication with your audience is the most fundamental component of a brand. What makes your company different, what you stand for and the promise that you make sets you apart from the competition. A strong brand voice captures a loyal and dedicated customer. 

We Review Brand Strategy: 

  • Positioning
  • Brand Values
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Brand Promise
  • Culture


In the world we live in, your digital assets are incredibly important. Mobile phones, tablets and computers occupy everyone’s day, so it’s essential to have a strong digital presence that communicates who you are on all platforms.

We Review Digital Brand Elements Including:

  • Website and Intranet
  • Apps
  • Presentations
  • Investor Relations Materials
  • Digital PDF’s
  • eBlast Campaigns


In a digital world, print still has a place. As a matter of fact, printed materials stand out in the crowd because they represent a tactile representation of your brand and allow you to have another avenue for your company to tell it’s story.

We Audit Brand Elements Such As:

  • Brochures
  • Investor Communications Materials
  • Sell Sheets
  • Style Guides and Identity

Social Media

Being able to connect with your customer frequently and keeping them engaged with your company has become an integral part of brand expression. You can use social media to have an ongoing dialog with your target audience, cost effectively.

We Review Your:

• Social Media Posts 

• Social Platform Relevance

• Engagement

A Brand's Reflection: Consistency Is Key

All your marketing materials, from digital content to printed brochures, work together to communicate the core values, mission, message, and unique identity. This unified voice resonates not only with customers but also maintains internal team focus, fostering a strong brand culture. Regularly reviewing essential brand components— brand voice, digital presence, print materials, and social media engagement— and adapting them as your brand evolves is essential. 76West's Brand Audit serves as a valuable starting point for assessing, measuring, and growing your brand platform.

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