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The Role of Design

As designers working within an industry that relies on production and powers global consumption, we must acknowledge that we have had a role in bringing us to where we are now, and that we have an important role in what comes next.

Because designers are makers. We make ideas real. We generate solutions. We build the world - dreaming up new futures and bringing them to life in ways that are beautiful, vital and impossible to resist. It’s not quite magic, but it feels like it.

Time For Change

Together with our clients, partners and colleagues across the supply chain, we are daring to reimagine the way we create every product, service, campaign and designed solution we put out into the world. This means measuring and actively reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and resource use linked to our designs.

It means introducing principles of sustainability, circularity and - ultimately - regenerative design into our practice to recapture and repurpose resources and materials. And it means acting systemically - seeing the bigger picture and working with others to sharpen design’s incredible capacity to influence and accelerate climate repair and justice.

Acting With Urgency

We know all we need to make this a reality. The information, the guidance, the inspiration and solutions are there. What design needs now is action - meaningful steps that can begin to connect what we know to what we do.

This is the most important brief of our lives. Join us as we begin to design a climate-positive future.

8 Acts of Emergency

Not to be too dramatic. No, wait. Infact we all haven't been dramatic enough about the state of our environment. We are in a climate crisis. From winter heatwaves in Europe to uncontrollable flooding in Calfornia to raging wildfires world wide, we all need to come to grip with getting a grip on how we take care of the planet. It’s accepting we are in an emergency of climate and nature, and a commitment to do something about it. Here are eight places we can all start:


Acknowledge and raise awareness of the climate and ecological crisis - including its roots in systems of oppression - in our organisations and our practice.


Invest in educating ourselves and our teams on methods of sustainable and regenerative design, and show leadership by making measurable change to our practice. The Design Declares Toolkit is a great place to start.


Meaningfully consider environmental and social impacts as part of every pitch, proposal and production process. Not every design output will be carbon neutral or fully climate friendly, but every project is an opportunity to make real progress.


Measure the environmental and social impact of our work and design projects, and hold ourselves to account for what we find out.


Encourage, recognise and reward sustainable and regenerative design excellence in our industry through media and awards.


Build and foster intra- and cross-discipline knowledge networks to share tools, resources and best practice to accelerate progress in our industry.


Create with and for the people who are disproportionately affected both by climate change and by the transition to a lower-carbon world.


Enable systemic change by working alongside policymakers, campaigners, ecologists, scientists, activists and others to strengthen local and national movements for change.

This is A Breakdown

Climate breakdown has begun. And business as usual is not an option. That’s why started Design Declares was started.

Inspired by a global declaration movement sounding the alarm in industries everywhere, we’re an industry-recognised initiative representing the fears, hopes and commitment to action of a growing group of UK designers, design studios, agencies and institutions.

As of January 2023, there are a dozen other declarations trying to raise awareness and action for the environment, including:

Together, we sit at the very beginning of the creative process. The tools we use and the choices we make can influence society’s behavior, change economies and challenge everything that’s come before.

Because design, whether it’s a product, a piece of packaging or an exhibition space, has impact. It’s up to us whether that impact is harmful or healing.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get to work.

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